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“Julia has an exceptional set of qualities that can be trusted to take content like thought leadership to new heights. I learned this through working closely with her to develop ambitious and innovative content. In addition to having strong writing an editing capabilities,d she is able to look at the big picture to see what is possible while understanding what is practical and keep both in perspective. She is also a great pleasureto, work with,always.”
Craig, Scalise, economist, Thought Leadership Institute, PwC


“Julia led a complex project to develop guidelines for all PwC U.S. blogs, and I reported directly to her during this effort. She is a seasoned professional in all things editorial and has a knack for consulting that inspires confidence and commands respect. She made the process of managing an external vendor and dozens of internal stakeholders look effortless as she and I conducted an audit of existing PwC blogs launched over the span of several years. Her work definitely opened people's eyes on how they need to approach blogging as a firm and influenced their behavior. And she taught me how to maintain my composure through shifting deadlines, customized ad-hoc presentations, and many iterations of the deliverable before it was finalized.”
Yana Goot, manager, ThoughtLeadership,Institute, PwCw


“Julia is that rare individual: someone whose unique background makes her see things a little differently, whose leadership and strategic vision produce outstanding results, whose considerable wealth of experience and education is a significant add on each project, whose myriad talents allow her to improve everything she touches, whose craft is modestly applied with a kind of grace andelegancedand  whose quick wit make her so enjoyable to work with. In short, Julia was invaluable to PRTM's thought leadershipprogram.”
Stacey, LaPierre, former global web producer, PRTM Management Consultants


Julia Heskel, Experienced Content Strategist, Writer, & Editor

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