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The 5W’s of Thought Leadership Development

As every senior executive knows, if you can’t articulate your ideas cogently and concisely, you can’t establish yourself as a thought leader and build your personal brand. But compelling content — the kind that grabs people’s interest and gets them talking —doesn'tt write itself. It requires a strategic approach.


To get started, think in terms of the 5W's:


  1. Who your target readers are. Are they members of the C-suite, business unit leaders, or functional heads? You need to know the answer before you start writing.
  2. What to write about. Are you addressing the issues that keep your readers up at night?
  3. How to say what you want to say in the most direct and convincing way possible. Use fewer words, less jargon, shorter sentences, and simpler infographics. Marketing messaging and thought leadership are two very different things.
  4. Where to publish your piece, whether in a business magazine, in a trade journal, or on a social media site. You may have a brilliant idea to share, but if it appears in a publication that few people in your target audience read, it won’t get the traction you’re looking for.
  5. When to publish your piece. Do you know when in the day, week, or year your publication will get the most visibility, and also when it's in danger of vanishing without a trace?


Drawing on years of experience helping senior executives, Julia can help you create the content you need to stand out as a thought leader. Whether you choose to write a book, blog post, or something in-between, she knows what it takes to both get your target reader’s attention—and get the conversation going.


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